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Unique products to meet the unique needs of your feline friend.

Like their human parents, all cats have unique personalities.  Some cats are social.  Some cats are shy.  Some cats are climbers.  Some cats prefer staying low to the ground.  Irrespective of your cat's preferences, we produce products that will allow your cat to express their unique personality and behaviors.


Your Fur Baby's Cattitude

Every cat parent knows their cat has a very unique personality and behavioral traits.  At One Source International we refer to this unique set of personality and behavioral traits as "Catittude."  We design, develop, and deliver to you and your fur baby a diverse and unique product line that will address the unique desires and preferences of your cat.  We are excited for you and your furry friend.  We know our products will bring hours of fun, exercise, scratching, lounging, and sleeping.  Welcome to the One Source International Family - Your One Source for all things Feline.  We are glad you are here!



Irrespective or your fur friend's specific "Cattitude," all cats engage in several common activities to a greater of lesser extent.  We call these activities "Cat-tivities."  The basic "Cat-tivities" of all cats are scratching, playing, climbing, lounging/observing, sleeping, hiding, and eating.  With the exception of eating, One Source International produces products addressing all "Cat-tivities."  All our products generally address two or more "Cat-tivities," but all our products always have a primary "Cat-tivity" for which they were designed and developed. 

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