Form, Fit, Function, Flexibility, and Fashion!










Describes the over-all finish of the item.  All our items are designed, engineered, and crafted to deliver elegant, intelligent, relevant, and fashionable solutions for meeting your cat's everyday needs.

Describes both physical size and style of the item.  We have items as small as toys that may be easily stored in a drawer to enormous floor-to-ceiling climbers and playsets that command your attention when you enter a room.  Irrespective of the size of the item, all our items are styled to blend in elegantly within your home's existing decor.

Describes the primary solution for which the product is designed - sleeping, climbing, playing, etc.  All our items are designed for multiple functions, but every item always has a primary function for which it was designed and crafted.

Describes the different ways in which our products may be used and the ease with which they may be modified to meet the specific needs of your feline friend.  All our products are designed using our highly engineered proprietary Easy Kitty Modular Design System.  Every part on every item is replaceable and interchangeable.  All our products are elegantly engineered for easy and simple setup.

Describes the color and style of the item.  We are always evaluating and shifting with the color palette prevailing in the home building industry.  We design our items using high-quality home decor fabrics that blend nicely within the existing color palette and style of your home.