Meet Lil' Bit

He is a large rescue cat and he is our heaviest cat weighing in at almost 14 Lbs.  His original owner passed away and he was left homeless.  We adopted him when he was three and a half.  He is now almost 6 years old.  He is a Main Coon mix.  He is extremely affectionate on his terms.  He will tolerate being held, but he doesn’t prefer it.  He is a fairly low energy cat.  He won’t even chase the red laser light.  He will play with our Fishing Pole Toys as long as he doesn’t have to get up.  He will bat at toys from a laying position, but will rarely chase a toy.  Lil Bit’s Cattitude – loving, low energy, very vocal (Always meowing), heavy scratcher, loves food, very social with Ginger and Rosy.   Lil Bit loves to scratch on all of our Dura Carpet Scratchers.  On our largest Diameter Dura Carpet Scratching Posts he will lay down an pull himself around in circles while scratching.  He loves to sleep in our Convertible Cube and Padded Hooded Beds.  He prefers sleeping off the ground at heights between 3 and 6 feet.  Lil Bit could take or leave the photo shoots.  Most of the time he participates by happenstance.