Meet Mocha

She is the Grandma of our product testers and models – our oldest cat.  Mocha is a mix and is 8 years old.  She is medium sized and weighs about 9.5 pounds.  We found her malnourished and wandering the streets of our town.  She was in bad shape when we found her, but we’ve nursed her back to full health.  At some time in her past she was declawed.  While she can’t do any damage scratching (she has no claws) she still likes to go through the motions.   Mocha’s Cattitude – Low energy (she sleeps a lot), nervous (she likes to hide in low areas), low scratching, ground cat, affectionate on her terms – does not like to be held.  Mocha prefers to sleep in a bed or condo in a hidden or covered area low to the ground or on the floor.  Mocha is not big on participating in photo shoots as you can see from her picture - she tolerates these photo shoots but she isn't having fun.  Mocha does love the condos and beds!