Meet Porthos

He is our largest cat in stature – the longest and tallest.  He looks like a miniature black panther.  He weighs almost 14 Lbs.  As far as he is concerned, we live with him not him with us.  There is not a door in the house he can’t open.  He loves being outside.  He will frequently be out “Patrolling the City” for several days and nights before he decides to come home and grace us with his presence.  He is a grumpy cat!  He doesn’t like to be messed with.  He never lashes out to scratch or bite, but he is forever growing and hissing at us and the other cats.  When he comes home he basically wants to eat and crash.  Porthos’ Cattatude – aloof, loner, grumpy, aggressive with the other cats, aggressive scratcher and sleeps where ever he wants.  Porthos likes sleeping at heights between 3 and 4 feet in any bed we make.  He scratches at all of our posts – he is our most powerful scratcher.  His paws are about half the size of an average sized man's palms.  Big paws – very destructive scratching.  Most posts last between 45 and 60 days for Porthos.  Porthos hates participating in the photo shoots.  Getting a picture of Porthos is not a pleasant experience.  He does however, LOVE the product.  His main roll in working with our product is to test durability!  If an items survives over 30 days with him working at it, it’s a very durable and good item!