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Clearance ($5.00) - Two 15" Dura Carpet Scratching Post (Brown Base & Pom Pom's with Tan Dura Carpet Scratching Post) (2 Pack)

by Cat Craft



15" Tan Dura Carpet Scratching Post on a Brown 12" x 10" Base with a Brown Pom Pom on the end of a Spring. The post is covered with a rugged carpet that holds up to the high demand of continuous use. It's ideal for kittens and grown cats that are young at heart. The scratchy texture gives your pet a safe way to condition claw muscles and remove old claw coverings. It comes with all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy assembly.
2 Pack.


  • Dimensions
    7.50 x 11.75 x 16.50 inches

  • Brand
    Cat Craft

  • Weight
    5.70 lbs