20" Carpet Scratching Post - Charcoal - 2 Pack

by Cat Craft



This fun and sturdy cat scratching post is designed using the Easy Kitty Building System. All components are easily replaceable or switchable. The post is covered with a rugged carpet that holds up to the high demand of continuous use. It's ideal for kittens and grown cats that are young at heart. The scratchy texture gives your pet a safe way to condition claw muscles and remove old claw coverings. It comes with all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy assembly.
2 Pack.

You can add Beds/Toys to any Cat Craft/Max and Marlow Items that are marked with the Easy Kitty Building System Logo. With the Easy Kitty Building System you get two different size nuts (T-Nuts) placed in various areas on the items. The smaller size T-Nut is for Toys. Larger T-Nuts are for Beds and Spinning Laser Topper.