EK QC Wand Toy Set with Nine Plush Toys (9 Total + 3 Wands)

by Cat Craft



These Easy Kitty Quick Connect toys are designed for use will all Cat Craft and Max & Marlow items designed with the Easy Kitty Building System. These toys may be attached to the spring or dangle of all Easy Kitty Designed items.

Comes with three wands and a total of nine critters (plush toys). Toys can either be used with the wands that come with them or placed on a previously purchased Easy Kitty Quick Connect System (Triple Play Toy Kit or if you have a Spring Toy or Dangle Toy already on your piece of furniture).

Please note that the last few pictures are for illustration purposes only to show you how the toys could be attached to a furniture item. The furniture item does not come with the toy item when you purchase the toy.


  • Dimensions
    12.50 x 7.00 x 4.00 inches

  • Brand
    Cat Craft

  • Weight
    0.70 lbs

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