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47in Deluxe Playset With a 14" Round Hard-side Bed

by Max and Marlow



This fun and sturdy cat activity center is designed using the Easy Kitty Building System. All components are easily replaceable or switchable. Designed to entice your cats to come play. This Cat Playset is filled with perches, hanging toys, and good scratching posts. Posts are wrapped in soft faux fur, Dura Carpet, or sea grass. These posts and the angled cardboard scratcher entice your cat to scratch. The condo is covered in soft faux fur and provides a great space for your cat to nap. This cat playset includes two hanging faux fur pom poms, the tools & hardware, and instruction sheet for quick and easy assembly.


  • Dimensions
    19.00 x 21.00 x 11.50 inches

  • Brand
    Max and Marlow

  • Weight
    32.20 lbs


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