Luxury Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree with 8 Inch Diameter Scratching Posts and Petal Platforms

by Max and Marlow



This fun and sturdy cat climbing tree is designed using the Easy Kitty Building System. All componenets are easily replaceable or switchable. Perfect for very large adult cats. Allows pet to naturally scratch, climb and lounge around. Easy to assemble. Fits ceilings up to 9'. A safe place for your cat to climb and observe from multiple vantage points. Perfect for instalation near windows so your cat can see outside. Easy to assembly. May require a hacksaw to cut the PVC tension poll to an appropriate length for your ceiling height.


  • Dimensions
    20.75 x 22.50 x 18.50 inches

  • Brand
    Max and Marlow

  • Weight
    42.60 lbs