EK QC Triple Play Toy Kit (3 Blister Packs)

by Cat Craft



These Easy Kitty Quick Connect Spring/Dangle Toys may be used on all Cat Craft and Max & Marlow products designed using Easy Kitty Building System. These replaceable dangling pom-pom toys and a replaceable spring toys keep your cat engaged while making it easy to add, extend or replace toys at your convenience. Detachable spring and dangle toys.

Comes with a total of 3 Spring and 9 Glitter Balls (Dangle or Spring) Toys. This is one of the items that you can use to connect all our Toys to your furniture items. You can attach the Spring portion to any of the small t-nuts in the furniture items and then attach either the Glitter Balls that come with this purchase or any of our other small Toy items. You cannot attach the spinning topper (manual, motorized, or Laser) to this spring.

Please note that the last few pictures are for illustration purposes only to show you how the toys could be attached to a furniture item. The furniture item does not come with the toy item when you purchase the toy.


  • Dimensions
    5.00 x 4.00 x 10.00 inches

  • Brand
    Cat Craft

  • Weight
    0.80 lbs