Meet Bob Armfield

Bob Armfield - Chief Operations Officer - Bob is our Alpha Cat for all things dealing with our day-to-day operations.  From ensuring our upstream pipeline is full to dealing with the details of taking care of an individual customer's support, Bob leads the way for our team ensuring outstanding execution in every facet of our operations.  Bob is a 1987 graduate of Missouri State University with a B.S. in Accounting.  He is a mature business leader with over 30 years of responsible business experience encompassing the entire supply chain from Manufacture to retail store shelf.  He was with Wal-Mart for 26 years in Merchandising, Planning, Analysis, Supply Chain Management (Both Domestic and International), Logistics, and Internal Audit.  He has a proven track record of leading, team building, organizing and executing both strategic and operational cross-functional business activities.  He has three rescue dogs and a rescue cat that tend to rule the house!