Meet Wayne Henry

Wayne is our "Dot Com Retailer" Alpha Cat.  Wayne manages all the business relationships between us and major online retailers such as Amazon and  When you buy one of our products from an online retailer, it was due to Wayne's hard work.  Wayne is constantly involved with our online retailers to ensure we have the latest products, product information, and inventory available for sale.  Wayne is a 1988 graduate of SUNY New Paltz Business School.  Wayne has over 30 years of sales, customer relationship management, and project management experience in the CPG and retail industries. Wayne has a deep understanding of the operational and merchandising processes of both the general merchandise and grocery.  Wayne’s 15 plus years of sales experience directly with several retail private label groups provides him a unique understanding of the private label management process. Wayne’s skills and experience in this area are especially crucial now that most major retailers are putting greater strategic emphasis on the development and growth of their private label brands.